A Good time to join the liberal democrats?

Partisan propaganda, maybe? certainly seems so. It’s something that been meaning to do for years i’m an anxious procrastinator before I’m a liberal. Funny but true. It’s something as a young (21) neurodivergent, non binary person in a labour safehold town from a family and household aren’t historically pro-active in politics and party politics. I’ve been meaning to do this for some years I with executive functioning issues, Dyspraxia, Autism possible ADHD put of any administrative tasks (I should really do) off and was anxious about joining.

To put myself out there and say I’m joining a political party had anxiety about think its hard finding the courage to be an actor and more actively involved than on social media. The idea of party conferences for an introvert who isn’t as adventurous still feels a long way off. But I’ve since 18 have been a regular voter and supporter of the work of the liberal democrats from studying A-Level Politics it was a moment of discovery of my own political beliefs and ideological leanings and I sided with liberalism. The ideas of liberty, equality, democracy. The ideals of progressivism, pluralism is important in my core beliefs and ethics of how we need to be liberated from oppressive and discriminatory problems within society ableism, transphobia, homophobia, racism and xenophobia are things am strongly passioned in addressing.

In 2019 in the European elections half hearted voted for Plaid Cymru, then indi-curious, unsure of what party I’m yet more alligned with. I wanted to voted for a party with a full support of britain staying within the european union. It felt tactical as I knew on a referenda style election Liberal Democrats won’t win on that election in Wales when votes did matter.

Later that year after being accepted to study politics in Swansea University (follow @AutistAarJae on twitter for more on this if wish as dropped out of univeristy due to mental health reasons) I was on freshers week taking a swipe at the stalls on of different university societies and like all universities there was a miriad of different political societies there on freshers including the Politics and International Studies society, Feminist, Marxist and party political ones including Labour, Plaid and Liberal Democrats and Conservatives. Out of the political societies I checked out it was only Plaid and Labour I checked out. Plaid Cymru I was curious and questioning that whether I’d think independence would be the best for wales and whether plaid is the future. I wasn’t sold when the focus is on the independence of wales and how westminster is broken not much about looking at the core issues that people are affected by and university students were passionate about. I was perplexed and put off when in package of leaflets handed out on anti-extremism and anti-fascism how to report stuff to right authorities. If handed leaflets on how to report or seek help in deradicalising. I appreciated the parties work to deter membership of extremists and radicalism and not attract the wrong crowd but felt a red card it felt like a lack of trust.

then over time realised any form of nationalism isn’t for me. So plaid cymru wasn’t for me.

The liberal democrats stall went with a persuasive poll on whether we should legalise cannabis and decriminalise drugs, whether we should have second referendum and remain in the european, whether we need electoral reform. The parties stances on many issues across its clear stances against antisemitism which in Corbyn’s labour in a safe seat for labour in the latter election of the year the general election I couldn’t vote labour. The party includes LGB(T)QIA+ communities with trans and non-binary members who are standing for local authorities and have clear policies banning conversion therapy, self identification of gender, recognition of nonbinary people, a global britian within NATO, more devolution, UBI, better funding for mental health services, welcoming refugees the list could go on. How when studying the policies when I got sucked into following the general election of 2019 I got behind.

Jo Swinson was leading the liberal democrats when I first at a general election voted Liberal Democrat only party to promise to revoking exiting the european union, improve mental health services, electoral reform, rights for trans communities, embracing more support for child care. The liberal democrats was clear on the European question and credible on the economy with promising more funding for public services in a costed proposition with no whimsical or far fetched policies. However, then the parties policies on brexit were to radical and the party was still brushing off the coalition of austerity.

It was then in 2021 when voting in the senedd election that voting for Welsh Liberal Democrats gave me hope promising more support for local businesses, UBI, child support, increased support for school meals, improved transport, mental health services etc… in the debates. I was impressed by Jane Dodds moving away from the austerity era saying she wasnt proud and thought it was wrong but of a new generation. Sadly only hold to one seat that election

2022 local elections give me hope and confidence with the liberal democrats as the party with the greatest growth and the real winners of the night. the only party without scandal focusing on local issues and trying to cut through on cost of living, the pandemic and ukraine crisis. supporting with solidarity defending liberty with the protection of people without risk of safty nor eroding rights and demanding better for the nations economy.

For me I felt invigorated by the momentum and am a true liberal so now for me if want hope its to not just say and do and act why im registering as member of the liberal democrats



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